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How I’m doing terminal/console UI

This post is going to cover the UI for my roguelike project. It’s fairly simple stuff, but still interesting enough to write about. Perhaps it will be useful for those developing a console-based game of their own. I had known … Continue reading

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I’ve been coding a little roguelike this past week and I just got around to looking atĀ FoV algorithms. Now, many of these algorithms I found hard to understand, but after some trial and error I figured out an easy way … Continue reading

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Multi-step iterators using coroutines.

I wanted to turn this multi-step iteration function into an iterator: It turns out that it can be done very simply using boost::asio::coroutine: I thought that was kind of neat. It’s not very often I find a practical use of … Continue reading

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The words “Design” and “Art” are suffixes.

Take a quick look at these definitions of “design” and “art”: Design – The process before creation. Art – Something intended to be aesthetically pleasing. Notice how generic and nondescript these words are. They’re intended to group several similar things, … Continue reading

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Stack-based template metaprogramming in C++ (11)

Many months ago right after G++ 4.7 was released I discovered a nifty syntax for writing metaprograms using a stack language similiar to Forth and Factor. I started writing a small library around it, but got sidetracked and never finished … Continue reading

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Why don’t we take all the naming problems and push them somewhere else?

Naming class members can be a mess in C++. The simplest idea is to name them like any identifier: class foo { private: int size; }; That’s nice, but what if we want to create a size member function? Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Scheme with C++

I’ve been looking around for a way to embed Scheme in C++ and so I’ve been doing some research. The following is what I’ve read from the docs and keep in mind I haven’t done much coding in them other … Continue reading

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