The words “Design” and “Art” are suffixes.

Take a quick look at these definitions of “design” and “art”:

DesignThe process before creation.
ArtSomething intended to be aesthetically pleasing.

Notice how generic and nondescript these words are. They’re intended to group several similar things, rather than describe a single action.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. It’s quite often I see people use the words “design” and “art” to make sweeping generalizations about very specific branches of those topics. Even worse, the more vague one of these statements is, the more acclaim it receives!


Please, if you want to discuss “art” and “design” objectively then qualify them with another word. Be explicit and spell out what you mean, such as “graphic design”, “web design”, “software design”, etc.

If you want to linkbait then continue using the words ambiguously. For example, “10 tips for design”, “Why design is hard”, and “Video games considered art” are some great titles for your next blog post. You’ll come off as being deep and knowledgeable while saying nothing of meaning!

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