Quick overview on things I like and don’t like about C++11.

Things I’ve always wanted:

  • Lambdas
  • auto
  • Explicit overrides and final
  • Better enums
  • Better support for unions
  • Variadic templates
  • Custom literals
  • Static assertions
  • Things the std can do but the core language cannot. I thought C++11 would get rid of this silliness.
  • No static inheritance without using templates
  • No concepts. Concepts are cool.
  • No improvements to macros. The only necessary thing macros are  used for is #include – either improve them or get support for modules.
Everything else I like, I just didn’t know I wanted it until C++11 came out. I hope in a year or two compilers will be far enough that every new feature can be used – it sucks having so many new things without being able to use them all!
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