I’ve neglected writing about EoM for a while, and it’s really because progress on EoM has slowed. I’ve been trying to get back into it, but it’s hard for a few reasons:

  1. Large portions need to be refactored.
  2. I’m using 64-bit Linux now. It’s a pain setting up makefiles and rewriting parts to make it work. This ties in with 1.
  3. Working on PTL and Peped: two things which EoM is going to use.
  4. I’ve lost motivation. The interesting thing about this is that I still am highly interested in EoM, I just have so much else I need to do that it’s unsettling.
So here’s what I’m going to say:
Don’t put faith in EoM, but don’t lose it either.
I’m going to try and post more on this blog, I apologize for not writing much!
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6 Responses to EoM?

  1. AnsonX10 says:

    Glad to hear from you again.

    Truthfully, there is a long portion of time in any development, where you lose interest and FEEL like giving up.

    When you first start making the game, it’s fun and you’re going full-steam ahead. And at the end when you’re putting the finishing touches on it, and seeing everything come together to create something awesome, it’s thrilling.

    But you HAVE to push through this period of disinterest and procrastination. It’s the hardest part of developing anything.

    Hopefully I’ve given you some encouragement.

    I wish you luck!

  2. Ronsogoras says:


    You haven’t hear from me before, but I’m also a supporter, watching from afar! XD
    I really hope this project’ll make it through, I really love the original series, and I’m sure you’ll be able to finish it, and make it incredibly awesome.

    Best of luck!

  3. Hector con Carne says:

    I’ll buy it. I think this is more encouraging thinking it wouldnt be just me or the people who know about this blog of yours, I dont know how many copies the first sold but im quite sure nobody regret paying for it.

  4. Happy birthday 🙂 a year has passed since the last update, so what about some news..good or bad..i just hope not the last one. We are here still waiting and praying (to Zeus) which in this case is you, your humble servants are awaiting a sign 🙂

  5. Weesals says:

    I feel like we’re just nagging at this point, but have you considered giving EoM another go? I’ve started work on my own AoM inspired game (RTS4, documented on my own wordpress) and would love to share ideas.

    • pubby says:

      Hi. Yes, and no. Working on EoM again is something I’d certainly like to do eventually, but at this point other stuff has taken priority.

      Good luck on your project! It looks great so far.

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